Data-collection funnels

Elevate your data collection with our dynamic, high-performance funnels. Fully customizable and ready to integrate with your brand.

Data-collection funnels

Optimized Data-Collection Funnels

Experience meticulously designed data-collection funnels, optimized for all devices and enhanced for maximum conversions.

Dynamically built

Our data-collection funnels only ask the questions that matter per insurance type. This makes our funnels ideal when you serve to specific niches. Additionally, questions are automatically skipped when data is already collected.

3rd party integration

Easily incorporate 3rd party pixels and tracking.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Quoteplicity's data-collection funnels unique?
Our funnels are specifically designed to be dynamic and adaptable to various insurance types, ensuring only relevant questions are asked. This optimizes user experience by avoiding unnecessary queries and expedites the data collection process, making our funnels particularly effective for niche markets.

The funnels are optimized for all devices and incorporate advanced design techniques that enhance user engagement and completion rates. Our design philosophy focuses on simplicity and efficiency, ensuring a smooth flow that minimizes drop-off rates and maximizes successful data collection.

Absolutely! Our funnels are fully customizable to align with your brand identity. This includes everything from the aesthetic elements like colors and logos to the specific workflow of the funnels, allowing seamless integration into your existing web presence.

Our funnels support easy integration of third-party tracking pixels and other tools. This feature allows for enhanced tracking capabilities and the ability to gather more detailed analytics, helping you better understand and optimize your conversion paths.

Our funnels are equipped with intelligent data-saving features. If a user partially completes a funnel, the entered data is saved, allowing the user to resume filling without starting over. This feature significantly improves the overall user experience and helps increase the completion rate of your data collection process.

Yes, our funnels are designed with compliance at the forefront, adhering to the latest industry standards and regulations. This ensures that all collected data is handled securely and in accordance with legal requirements, providing both you and your clients with peace of mind.