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Constantly raising the bar

Quoteplicity is constantly evolving to be the go-to life insurance quoter.

$ 0.1 M+

Our policies have generated over $19.8 million in annual premiums.

1 k+

Over 18,000 life insurance policies sold over the last 10 years.

0.1 K+

Quoteplicity has captured over 200,000 leads from quote requests.

Brian Greenberg, founder and CO-CEO of Quoteplicity

The mind behind the product

Brian, founder of True Blue Life Insurance Inc., pioneered online life insurance sales starting in 2006.

Recognized as one of the initial “virtual producers,” Brian has significantly impacted the industry. After moving on from his role in the online life insurance agency business, Brian decided to support other independent agents and agencies.

He invested over $1 million in developing a software system that automates lead capture and sales processes, requiring minimal user interaction.

This same system, which Brian himself successfully used, is now available as a software solution for others in the industry.

– Brian J. Greenberg, CEO & Founder

Handpick carriers and products

Quote dozens of top-rated carriers or choose your favorites.

The power to craft the perfect product portfolio for your clients rests with you. We’ll handle the rest.

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Tailored coverage selection

Empower your clients by offering a diverse range of insurance types tailored to meet their unique needs.

Our platform enables you to curate a suite of options that best serve your clients’ preferences and circumstances.

Maximize client conversions

Experience the power of a system fine-tuned to meet your clients where they are, simplifying their decision-making process and guiding them seamlessly from interest to action.
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